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  1. Absolutely NO Spam.
    1. Do not use IRCwiki as a place to advertise your IRC Network.
    2. Do not use IRCwiki to post content that is not in relation to IRC.
  2. When posting an IRC Network, Please be sure it meets the following criteria:
    1. The network must have some historical roots, or other significance to the IRC Community as a whole.
    2. You should be able to show at least 2 outside references that show the significance of a network.
  3. Articles must not be biased in any way.
  4. Hostnames and channel names in tutorials should be as generic as possible.
    1. You may choose to use a popular network such as freenode in your examples, or you can just use something fictitious like
    2. Once again, this is not a place to spam your network. However you are allowed to do whatever you want on your own user page as long as it follows the User page guidelines


  • If you are writing IRC related software then you are definitely allowed to give it a mention here.
    1. Please don't post malicious software
    2. Please don't post software which is no longer maintained except for historical purpose.

User Pages

  1. You may list your network and projects on your user page (yes finally a place that you can "spam"!)
  2. You may upload a photo for your page, please name the file like so User-<YourUsername>.<file-extension> or you may find it getting deleted.

SEO & Templates

  1. We HIGHLY recommend adding SEO to your article. Doing so will alow more visibility to the page. To do so, please visit our SEO Help page.
  2. Templates make life easier, at least when it comes to IRCwiki. Please take a look at our available Templates.