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Website:Official Website
Author:Robey Pointer
Initial Release:1993
Download:Download Eggdrop


Eggdrop is written in the C programming language and features interfaces for C modules and Tcl scripts that allow users to further bolster the functionality of the bot. A large number of Tcl scripts are available to expand the bot's functionality, most of them written by Eggdrop users.

A notable Tcl script is 'bmotion' available on GitHub


Scripts for eggdrop are written in TCL and many scripts can be found for eggdrop on TCL Archive.


Eggdrop bots can be linked together to form an IRC botnet. This can allow bots to op each other securely, control floods efficiently, and even link channels across multiple IRC networks. It also allows the Eggdrops share user lists, ban lists, exempt/invite lists, and ignore lists with other bots if userfile sharing is enabled. This allows users to have the same access on every bot on your botnet. It also allows the bots to distribute tasks such as opping and banning users.

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