How to setup an eggdrop IRC bot

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These steps were produced to install Eggdrop 1.8.3 on Ubuntu 18.04 and should work on Debian/Ubuntu as well as Debian/Ubuntu based systems.


$ sudo apt-get install libtcl8.5 tcl-dev

Download and Compile Eggdrop

$ git clone
$ cd eggdrop/
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/egg
$ make config
$ make && make install

Now you should be able to cd $HOME/egg and configure your eggdrop.conf file.

Once your bot is configured correctly, and as you like it, it is time to run the IRC Bot.

While in the egg directory type ./eggdrop -nm eggdrop.conf

When the bot connects you will need to message it "HELLO" and it will prompt you to set a password.

You will then need to shut the bot down and run it normally ./eggdrop eggdrop.conf

Once your eggdrop is running again you should (if you configured it) be able to connect to it's listen port with telnet. Simply telnet into the bot, type your username and password, and now you have full control over the bot.

You may wish for a bot to join or part a channel, this is done like so: +chan #channel or -chan #channel.

For more commands see's page on eggdrop commands.