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Who We Are

IRCwiki is a community powered project pertaining to the collection of IRC related articles dating back as far as 1988. We strive to keep an up-to-date record of all things IRC.

Our Main Goal

IRCwiki's main goal is to be the #1 place for anyone to inform themselves about something related to IRC, whether it be the History of IRC, How to set-up an IRC Network or an IRC Client, or just being nosy and want to know more about IRC itself.

Since we are a community powered project, we highly recommend any & all users who know something related to IRC that we do not currently have in our collection or a mistake that we/someone else may have made, to feel free to contribute.

History of IRCwiki

The IRCwiki project started on Github pages in late 2017 as a small one-man driven wiki. IRCwiki is now using MediaWiki as of 2018.05.15. is currently being maintained by Robert Whitney, Joe Gray, and Ken Spencer.