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Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access is a VPN provider which has been known to support the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) community as well as the FOSS community.


In 2016 Private Internet Access donated $25,000, as well as $199,750 worth of free accounts and 11 1Gbit/s IRC servers to Snoonet.[1]

Snoonet is a true Internet community platform with a mission in which we can proudly stand with in solidarity. Society and communication are important and nowhere is that more apparent than online. We share this world together. We share interests together. Let’s as a world commit our efforts to making community better. We’re in this together.


In 2017 freenode and Private Internet Access joined forces and the first freenode Live conference began in At-Bristol, Bristol, UK on October 28th, 2017.[2]

I am incredibly excited to be able to share some amazing news with you today. For the last few years, Private Internet Access has been a dedicated supporter of the freenode project and we are delighted to be able to announce that freenode is now officially part of the PIA family.[2]