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Warning: This software is no longer in active development and may contain critical bugs.

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Supybot is an IRC bot written in the Python programming language. The bot boasts nested commands, easy configuration, and a very flexible plugin system.

End of life

Supybot has not been actively developed since 2015, a popular fork of Supybot is Limnoria.

Supybot is dead, long live Limnoria

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Supybot was maintained.

For years, there have been idle threats of that happening again, but it has not come to pass.

Instead, various friendly forks were created, with Limnoria seeming to have the most momentum. Under the watchful eye of Valentin "ProgVal" Lorentz, a successful community has developed and worked to shepherd Supybot onward.

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