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Most people fail at manifesting 15 Minute Manifestation abundance because they're not specific about their desires. They say they want to attract "a lot of money", or they say they want a "nice car," or they say they want to attract their "perfect mate." There's nothing inherently wrong with any of these things, it's just that they're way too vague, and thus, they get nothing in return. If you want to attract a lot of money, get SPECIFIC about the dollar amount, whether it is $5,000, or $100,000. If you want that dream car, what type of car is it? What's the make? What year was it made and what colour is it? If you want to attract your ideal mate, what does he/she look like? How tall is he/she? What's the nationality? What hair colour? Be specific!

Relating to point number one, you need to have a CLEAR picture in your head of EXACTLY what your desire looks like. The clearer you are about what you desire, the more successful you will be in bringing that desire into fruition. Once you have this clear vision, come back to it EVERY day. By doing this consistently, you will make an impression into the Universe, causing you to attract that very thing. As you will see in my next point, consistency is the cornerstone of success. Take consistent INSPIRED action. There's a saying by a famous marketer that goes, "Either you're consistent or your non-existent." If you want success in life, you MUST take consistent action. The shame about the movie "The Secret" is that it led everyone to believe that their desires will just fall onto their laps magically. The truth is, that whatever you desire, you must take steps towards it EVERY day. However, the steps you must take must be based on FAITH and not out of fear where you're scrambling around frantically in fear that nothing is going to happen. Those who get those lucky breaks have disciplined themselves to take consistent action.