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Riches and prosperity can also 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review come in the form of satisfaction and personal independence. Satisfaction comes from accomplishment in your daily work or just by simply attaining goals. It is usually that feeling of contentment and confidence from a good task well done. Success might also be the feeling of well-being from the rewards of good effort, or the enthusiasm and vitality triggered by recognition of your efforts.There is a body of evidence to suggest that throughout history, the people who lived with riches often achieved them by hard work, diligence and an unfailing belief in themselves. For others, it took courage, genius and lots of stamina.

Always think about what you most desire. It may not be hard currency, but more a matter of what the money can buy. Or it may be those feelings of inner satisfaction, from generating something beautiful or strong, like the artist or master craftsman. You may need personal independence from the work week, or freedom to live anywhere you need. You may be looking for something meaningful and significant in life i.e. something beyond things money can buy.

The universe is however very fair, and in this respect it also present plenty of opportunities that requires nothing special but the desire to turn dreams into reality. The Internet with all its possibilities, is but one example and in this respect, one only have to think of online marketing, affiliate marketing programs as prime examples.

Whatever your goals, and however difficult their accomplishment seem to be, you have the inner ability to become who you want to be. Take a good look around your immediate environment and you will see yourself surrounded by numerous moneymaking opportunities. Just picture the world open and welcoming right in front of you, ready to become the form of your dreams, ready to stage your desires. Shakespeare very eloquently wrote, "Why then, the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open."