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Our brains have become pre-programmed to Blood Sugar Premier want sugar, fat and salt and this is what the food companies prey on. They have spent billions of dollars in advertising to keep sending suggestions to tempt you with their commercials, billboards, and print ads. Food is literally everywhere we turn!

Junk food has become what is called multi-layered and multi-sensory. It is fully packed with all three of the worst ingredients: fat, sugar and salt, which are there to entertain your pallet when consumed. This means your taste buds are having a little party every time you eat this combination. You're hitting all your cravings at the same time! Think of all the sweet and salty snacks that are out there now! The food companies know what they're doing. Even the way it is packaged entices us way before we've even tasted it.

I'm sure you've never thought this, but why does a piece of chocolate cake look sooooo good to us? (Even if I see a picture in a magazine of a piece of chocolate cake, I start salivating). We have the ability to remember, from just looking at our favorite food, how good it tastes. The food companies have tapped into every one of our senses, and use it to their advantage.