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Diabetes: Eating a primarily starch diet, being Cinderella Solution overweight and heredity are all factors in this disorder. If you want to follow a diet, avoid any that make you stick to a limited amount of food choices.

Goiter: A lack of iodine or the ability to absorb it can cause this problem. Your thyroid will become enlarged and may have to be removed. There is a "goiter belt" in the U.S., where the soil does not have enough iodine to keep people healthy. The problem was resolved by adding iodine to salt. Even though we consume to much sodium for the most part, make sure you get enough iodine. Note: Do *not* start taking iodine supplements without speaking to your doctor. This could cause serious health problems.

Heart Disease: Besides the problems of being overweight, some diet plans could lead to heart disease. Low carb diets may be fine for some people, but they aren't ideal for everyone. If you do decide to use this plan, speak to a nutritionist, so you don't end up having to much fat and cholesterol in your food choices.