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Since your post-surgery stomach is too small, you may feel Fave Food Diet uncomfortable and vomit in case you overeat or swallow poorly chewed food.One of the biggest disadvantages of a gastric sleeve has to do with its cost. This operation is very pricey and rarely is covered by insurance companies.Don't completely eliminate the foods you enjoy the most. Just cut back on them! Simply halving the amount of cakes, biscuits, or pastries you enjoy can make big difference to your weight loss. If you don't feel deprived, you are less likely to 'fall off the wagon'!

Try smaller portions for your meals. Use smaller plates when preparing meals at home. If you are eating out, choose two starters, rather than a starter and a main meal. If you can't bear to do with out desert, share one with your companion.Drink a large glass of filtered water before your meals. This will not only give you a fuller feeling before you eat, the water will help to flush the waste products and toxins from your body. Sometimes we mistake being thirsty, or dehydrated for hunger, so keep your fluids up.Small changes can become habit; begin a meal with a small salad to take the edge off your hunger.

Avoid eating your meals in front of the TV or the computer, as you are likely to over eat without thinking about it.Always eat breakfast. This will jumpstart your metabolism, keep your energy up and will help you resist the temptation for that quick sweet snack in the middle of the morning.Try to eat your main meal for lunch. Keep your evening meal a smaller quantity and try to avoid going to bed shortly after eating. This will give your digestive system time to absorb the nutrition from your food while you are active.