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Eating 5 meals a day allows you to spread out the food Leptitox so you won't be so hungry when you eat your meal. When you eat your meals when you are starving you will the tendency to overeat without even knowing it. That's one reason why skipping meals is actually bad for you. I'll talk about other reasons below. Get into the 5small meals a day habit and choice your meals wisely and you'll notice the difference.

People trying to lose weight tend to skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will only make you want to gorge when it is time to eat lunch, plus eating breakfast helps start your metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism you will burn fat much slower than a person with a higher rate of metabolism. Also, when you don't eat, your body will save the fat in your body and use the muscle as fuel. That's right; it will burn your muscles and save the fat in your body.

Many people lose weight by not eating and they do lose weight, but it is muscle weight they are losing. Their body is still full of fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so they tend to get excited when they step on the scale. They don't realize the dangers of losing weight this way. Your heart is a muscle that's why yoyo dieters tend to end up with heart problems. Your body needs fuel or nutrition to function, remember that. You must eat. When you lose weight the right way it's the inches that count more than the weight, remember this. Even your shoes will get loose.