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No matter how long we've been floundering, the Manifestation Magic transition from being stuck to mobilisation occurs in a heartbeat. No matter how much trepidation we experience, we're counselled to initiate movement, for only when we do, does fear ebb away. No matter how little it seems, what little there is needed to shift our momentum forwardly is within us. A change of mindset of faith is the only requirement. One heartfelt decision is all it takes to get the inertia moving in the right direction. DEJECTED one day, inspired the next. Has that ever happened to you? It can happen to me with occasional regularity. Certainly, our 'fortunes' in the faith tend to vacillate.

These are subtle reminders that can help us swing back into faith: God knows what He's up to and we are best accepting 'He's got this'. We can trust Him again, because we know He is trustworthy, and it makes no sense nor is it good for us or others we know for us not to trust Him. In sensing we're not in control we see that life is centrally about relinquishing control. We may resolve to do the things that will please Him, which are faith and justice and kindness and reason, et cetera. There is no sense to life that leads to death - it's a bondage that simply requires the choice to stay there. Equally easy is the choice to leave that mindset. Anytime, anywhere God can 'show up', which we equate to His goodness toward us in our lives.

Anytime, anywhere. The opposite is certainly just as true - the bad can happen. But the difference is how we handle it. It's okay if we're floored, but with faith we ultimately make the climb of recovery. Recover and then we face hope, and hope leads us until the day His light shines brightly all over our lives again (in ways we feel blessed). Of course, His light shines over us perpetually. We never know the good that God is up to, yet, we who know He is good can know, with intensifying faith, He is preparing goodness for those of us who love Him.