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This may not be the proper choice though, since it Power Of Hormones can also cause facial hair and acne. Medroxyprogesterone is an injectable drug that will also halt the menstrual cycle and the growth of endometrial. It too has some serious side effects such as weight gain, bone loss and depression. It should be noted that hormonal treatment is not a permanent cure, and that quite often the condition will reoccur after treatment has ended. It should also be noted that there are natural hormonal treatment that can also help with Endometriosis.

One surgical option is conservative surgery. This is where only the endometrial growths, scar tissue and adhesion's are removed and the reproductive organs are left alone. This is an option if pregnancy is an option for the future. Often laparoscopic surgery is used for this procedure although sometimes traditional abdominal surgery will be required.

A second surgical option that may be considered, especially if pregnancy is not an option, is a total hysterectomy. The uterus and the cervix are removed as well as both ovaries. Hysterectomy by itself is not a real option as the estrogen produced by the ovaries can stimulate and Endometriosis that may remain and the symptoms would also remain. This surgical option is normally used as a last resort only, especially during the reproductive years.