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And considering the fact that as we age, our Skintology MD skin tone can become splotchy and things like hyperpigmentation and age spots start to show up, I can imagine that women searching for a possible solution to it would be a bleaching cream that contains the once popular hydroquinone in it. But is Hydroquinone safe to use and if not, what are some alternative bleaching creams to making your skin whiter?

Hydroquinone used to be considered the rolls royce version of skin whiteners because of how effective it was and how quick results were realized. These days though, research has confirmed that those that have used creams with this ingredient in it are possibly risking serious health risks that could even include death.

The problem is that hydroquinone is toxic to the body and the liver has to somehow process it to eliminate the toxin out of the body. In extreme cases, where the women cover large parts of their body with this, the toxins can't be eliminated and the result is potential liver failure.