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It is perhaps best known for its benefits to StrictionBP your brain. You should eat dark chocolate when preparing for a major exam or presentation, where your brain needs to be functioning at its highest capacity. Beyond its benefits to the brain new studies continually confirm that dark chocolate lowers high blood pressure. We recommend that you eat dark chocolate every day. Divide a regular sized bar in such a way that it lasts you the whole week.

So why be stuck with a chemical prescription which does not actually treat the cause of your high blood pressure but just temporarily gets rid of the high blood pressure? With these five nutrients you can most likely get rid of your chemical prescription altogether but more than that you may eventually get to a point where high blood pressure goes away altogether.

The quest for natural high blood pressure remedies is becoming more pronounced primarily because of the dreaded side effects of some of the hypertension medications. The other reason has also been the cost of purchasing hypertension medications more so in the developing countries of India and Africa.Apart from these factors, doctors generally encourage lifestyle changes in dealing with hypertension issues. Patients are expected to drastically reduce their daily sodium intake from a high of 5400mg to a low of 1500mg if possible or at least 2300mg. Patients are also encouraged to stay fit via activities and aerobic exercises. Eating lots of fruits and veggies is also important in bringing high blood pressure under control.