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The human body is vulnerable to work StrictionBP and gets tired when it has been forced to exceed the normal levels which it can sustain. There is a certain level of acceptance for the body till which it tends to act in the most active manner without any hassles. It has high energy levels and is in a fully active state. However, when it is subjected to over-work, it gets fatigued and one experiences the manifestation of fatigue in the form of lethargy, loss of cognition and wakefulness, decreased motor activity et This vulnerability of the human body is not favorable for our functioning. In fact, it is quite harmful for us. Today's competitive world requires us to devote long hours to our work in order to come out at the top. But with physical restrictions, it is quite difficult to carry on with our daily activities. Therefore, there is the dire need of natural or synthetic agents which are able to help us by removing this anomaly in our system

One such agent is Caffeine. It is available in the market in the form of pills. It is a very essential agent and is very helpful in promoting wakefulness, increased activity levels etc. Basically, caffeine is a chemical entity obtained from coco beans and normally present in a large scale in tea and coffee. It has a lot of other benefits too but the main advantage of this product is that it is able to have a potent stimulatory effect on the central nervous system of an individual. Hence, it brings about a state of heightened energy levels as the central nervous system is the seat of power controlling all the essential physical activities.

Other advantages of caffeine include its use in diet pills for the amelioration of the weight problems of an individual. These have been employed on a large scale in different weight loss formulations mainly because of the fact that these are able to increase the energy levels in an individual, thereby allowing him or her to carry out various exercises to get rid of the excess body fat.People who regularly consume caffeine in the form of pills as well as in the form of tea or coffee should make sure that they keep the dosage under check. They should make sure that the maximum levels are not increased otherwise adverse reactions may follow. There are a lot of side-effects of caffeine overdose like throbbing chest pain, increase in blood pressure and sometimes episodic events of euphoria.