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It was a great shock on all his friends StrictionD and my family. His best friend could not branch any drinking bar for two good months after he heard of my late fathers death but because he was addicted to drinking alcoholic drinks, he finally got himself back into it.Sometimes, when you feel the approach of an anxiety attack, having someone tell you to relax or "chill out" is more annoying than helpful. It is however very good advice that deserves more than passing consideration.Could this be a simple treatment for anxiety attacks? Could practicing relaxation techniques assist in keeping anxiety under control? Very definitely yes! The key is to find the relaxation exercises that you find most effective and then practice them regularly. The more you practice, the better and more proficient you will become. Below is a collection of ideas that you can adapt to suit.

Loosen your clothing and make yourself comfortable. If you are sitting, find a chair with good back support. Make time, when no interruption is expected. Find a quiet environment, with little or no outside noise.Tighten the muscles in your toes. Hold to the count of 10. Relax slowly and enjoy the sensation of release from tension. Tension is most commonly experienced in the back of the neck and shoulders. One easy way to get rid of this tension is to tighten the neck and shoulders, hold for 5-10 seconds then release. Close your eyes and rest them, inhale deeply, slowly, for the count of 3 through your nose, exhale through your mouth even slower, for the count of 5. Repeat, a few times. When breathing in, let your stomach expand as much as possible. As your body starts feeling more and more comfortable and relaxed, slowly clench your right fist. Clench it tighter and tighter and study the tension. Keep it clenched and feel the tension in your fist, hand, and forearm. Now let your hand relax and go limp, allowing your fingers to become loose. Repeat, studying the sensations.