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Whether to diet or not can be an explosive topic. Just Turmaslim check your favorite weight loss blogs and you will know what I mean. The sentiments range from weight loss at any price to reasons not to diet at any price. You will have to be the judge as to what suits you.For the purposes of this article, I would like to focus on five reasons not to diet, that may cause you to delay or re-consider dieting altogether. These reasons may be somewhat practical or even obvious but can make a significant difference in the effectiveness related to any weight loss effort.

Mental Preparedness:I truly believe that people who launch into any diet program believe in it and feel they are sufficiently commitment to the process at hand. The fact is that you must be emotionally ready to tackle your weight problem. This may be blurred for many reasons:You might have been nudged towards a diet because of derogatory comments about your size.You may have taken a scary peek at the mirror which has left you somewhat frozen as to what should be done.

You may have been told recently that your health may be at risk. The anxiety associated with this news could, in itself, create a roadblock for you. Being pre-occupied with these thoughts could sap you of the mental strength it takes to succeed with a diet.It is best to clear your mind prior to starting any diet. This can be done, if necessary, by seeking professional advice. Leaning on family or good friends to provide you with additional understanding and support could be all that is needed. The key point here is that not having a clear mind prior to dieting is a big reason for not starting a weight loss program.Let's take a quiz:When would be the best time to begin a major weight loss program?