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Warning: This software is no longer in active development and may contain critical bugs.


Website:Official Website
Author:Peter Železný, Brian Evans
Initial Release:1999.06.29
Download:Download XChat

XChat was an Internet Relay Chat client. It had a choice of a tabbed document interface or tree interface, support for multiple servers, and numerous configuration options. Both command-line and graphical versions were available.


At the height of its popularity, XChat was widely included in Linux distributions, and had an official Windows port.


XChat was released under the GPL license, a copyleft free software license. The maintainer unilaterally declared that the official releases of XChat would be shareware under Windows, citing the rising popularity, complexity of development, and cost of maintaining development tools for Windows. The backlash from this led to a number of unofficial ports, the loss of virtually all outside developers, and most importantly, the loss of the community’s trust.

One of those unofficial Windows ports, HexChat, grew up into a not just a port, but a viable, active, and well-maintained fork of XChat, and the community of users and developers have largely followed.

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